How to create a wall gallery with African baskets

Did you know that African wall baskets are trending now? If you are an ardent internet user, you must have seen these baskets on social media pages.

Binga baskets : The art of african weaving

Weaving has formed an integral part of African culture for thousands of years. From baskets and bags to fishing nets and furniture, the art of weaving has transformed communities, and these coveted skills are passed down from generation to generation.

Bogolan, the african mudcloth

The bogolan (-fini) comes from bogo means “clay” or “mud”, lan means “by means of” and –fini, meaning “cloth”. It is characterized by patterns representing scenes of rural or urban African life, or of the surrounding nature.

The Kente, a royal handwoven fabric

Closely linked to the history of the Akan people, the Kente or Kita is a traditional African loincloth made of hand-woven cotton or silk strips sewn together to form colorful patterns and figures.